An Anti-Keylogger Application

I would like to see Comodo create a separate application to protect against keyloggers. If anyone has ever seen or knows what a Keylogger can do, it is nasty. Think of existing products, such as: Keyscrambler, SpyShelter, Zemana, etc. I think Comodo can build something like the products I listed, but make it even better. Please Comodo, make a better alternative to anti-keyloggers that exist today.

Until then, you can configure CIS’s Defense+ to do this job.


D+ already does a great job against loggers! :-TU

@Jahn: Agree.
@tbb0101: I don’t know what to say. So let’s hope Comodo will hear your suggestion. They will choose the right answer: yes or no.

CIS will do this.

I don’t understand why one would only wish to guard against keyloggers and not everything malicious/unwanted and I don’t understand why you would want to run an additional security program, assuming you aren’t unsecured at all.

it’s provide a good antikeylogger function but only against Direct access

i tried a couple of keylogging testing software
i would like to get some feedback back from comodo staff about them
those are AKLT.exe kaddouch software
and Spyshelter antitest.exe

i’m sorry but comodo didn’t do well against those and i would Like to see comodo Do better :wink: