An alternative "Safe Mode" without auto adding "safe" apps to D+ rules?


I’ve been using CPF for quite a long time and after moving to CIS new D+ behavior in Safe Mode made me almost literally go into Paranoid Mode :wink: - so I’d like to ask if are there any plans/is there a possibility to add a mode that, functionally, would be somewhere between Safe and Paranoid modes in CIS?

To be more precise: setting D+ in CIS to Paranoid Mode causes a little too much alerts in 90% of everyday situations (and AFAIK is the only way to manually control what’s added to D+ rules), while the new D+ behavior in Safe Mode doesn’t suit my needs (no control over what’s being added to D+ rules, because it adds apps to rules on their own when an app is on safe apps list). Bearing in mind the fact that D+ was devised as a (very effective) anti mal/spy/wateverware mechanism - some people also use it to fine-tune it’s system and keep bloated apps from eating too much system resources :slight_smile:

It would also be nice to have control also over safelisted apps on an per-application basis.
So, for example - application Foobar2000.exe will have it’s rules automatically added to D+ computer security policy, while, let’s say Photoshop.exe or any_other_safelisted_app.exe will need user confirmation for any behavior to be added to D+ security policy. (btw. I think that this was a good example - let’s take Foobar2000 needs direct access for screen etc. and this is ok, while Photoshop.exe will launch inFamous updater app, which causes a lots of trouble).

Thank you and kind regards :slight_smile: