An ALL In One Security Tools box.

A ALL In One Security Tools box.

  1. Encrypt & Hide & Lock for read, write, copy, rename, move. add to the context menu.
    Encrypting & Locking with password for Drives, foloders and files, also windows if needs. add to the context menu.
  2. Wipe(Eraser Securely) for folders and files + Erasing for any selected drive fully(unrecoverable).
  3. Undelete(Recovery)
  4. Secure PIMS.
    Secure Notes & Memo + Password Manager with Auto Login securely, diary, calendar.
    the virtual secure storage to be sotored the important personal informations.
  5. Unlocker - Rename, Move, Delete Locked Files and Locked Folders. add to the context menu.
  6. Scanner (Quick scanner for any keyloggers or rootkits) + submit a detected file and show details information + CIS Link.
    The prevent risk from any keyloggers for Online banking or joinning on any website.
  7. Protecting with passwords for all devices.
  8. Protecting from any desktop changes.
  9. Show networks, ports, autorun, processors. (Simple Firewall)
  10. Privacy Eraser for all terms.(CSC)
  11. Optimizing & Tweaking for internet and system.
    12 Uninstaller. (CPM)
  12. Online Scanner Link for scanning any suspicious file and website. add to the context menu.
  13. Live Chat, Live PC Support.
  14. The master paswsord for an ALL In One Security Tools box.

Thank you for great services.

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awesome. i’d vote for this. add the ability to select the deletion method like eraser and ccleaner.