aMSN makes my Notebook hang

Good day,

I wanted to address a problem with the firewall

When I start aMSN (MSN Clone / aMSN’s Homepage) the firewall detects an application called “wish.exe”, which who wants to access the internet. This application is a critical part of aMSN and is found safe by me, which I then grant access, but then my Notebook just locks up. I clicked “Allow”, but then nothing happens. This happens repeatadly and it does not matter if I check “Remember this setting” or not, after I press “Allow” I get a constant 100% CPU usage and I had to shutdown my Notebook using the power button.

My specifications are as follow:
Windows XP with SP2, all the latest updates installed.
Toschiba A100-250 (Which I did upgrade to 1,5GB of Ram)


Does your log show anything as being blocked(Activity > Logs)?

If you have no entries in the log then go to the Network Monitor section and double-click each rule and check the checkbox that says “Create an alert if this rule is fired”.

You are giving the application access but there might be a port that needs to be opened in Network Monitor that needs INBOUND access to connect properly.


I want to thank you for your answer, I did have to make a new Network Rule in the Network Monitor, (which was a lot more difficult then in ZA) cause it seemed that “Wish.exe” also needed an inbound connection… which is quite logical now that I think of it :smiley:

Maybe the issue was that I run “amsn.exe” which in turn ran “wish.exe”? No idea to be honest, just guessing here, but none the less, the issue is resolved now. :smiley:


Great Starbuck. Glad you got it resolved.