Amount of traffic for each event in firewall event list

Having recently switched over to CIS from Outpost Firewall Pro (and Avira Antivir for AV), I greatly miss the excellent firewall event log that Outpost gives. Actually CIS is nearly ‘there’ in its firewall event list, though I had to do a lot of configuring to ensure that all events are recorded. Having done that, I realized that something was still missing, and that is the quantity of data transferred in each recorded event.

That is important information that makes the difference between the event list being slightly useful and being an important security aid, for that would enable me to identify particular peaks of Net activity that I see on my Net Meter display. It isn’t useful at all for that purpose without an indication of the quantity of data transferred in each event.

Later addition:
I have searched far and wide for a suitable separate utility that would give me a Net traffic listing that would serve that valuable purpose - but have drawn a blank, because, apart from various programs full of features that I don’t want and which are really expensive, and of course all the rogueware and plain cr*pware, the only otherwise suitable-seeming programs I could find either omitted the data amounts (as in CIS) or they didn’t include the local applications / processes involved in each event. So, despite my best efforts I am still without that great security aid that I had in Outpost, and really do hope that this small but very significant gap will soon be filled by CIS.