Amazon Video does not work anymore!

Hello my dear Comodo heroes,

overnight it is not longer possible to play videos on Amzon Instant Video Site. I just got the error message with no further details. One day before it does work. I dont updated or changed any settings and also tried to delete all cashes and temp-files. Unfortunately it changed nothing, the problem still exists. On other sites it is not possible to reproduce the problem. Videos on YouTube or other videos seems to work. And I think it is not Amazon faults, because streaming with the Chrome browser works fine.

I use newest Dragon version 60.0.3112.115 and no additional extensions/plugins are installed.

Hopefully someone knows the problem or maybe it has to reported as a bug. (Maybe Dragon have to be updated to the newest chrome engine version?!? Just an idea)

Thanks for any helps :wink:

Best regards

Do you have a link to a video for us to try?

I tried different series and movies…seems to be a problem in generel. But I can you give an example link Mr. Robot - Staffel 3 [OV/OmU] ansehen | Prime Video
Not sure if this link does work for you, because it is the german Amazon link.

And one thing more: sometimes the video starts for about one second inclusive sound and suddenly the stream crash and shows me the error message…Strange

Maybe that helps…

The videos on that page are not available for me. :expressionless:

just try another video. Im sure that you will not find a video on amazon that works for me…

Update: I updated the link below. Im very sure, that you can now use this link as example.

I tried everything… clear temp-files, cashes and cookies, double-check configuration, repairing of Dragon browser,… After all I uninstall the browser and using now firefox as my second browser… this is a pity

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