Amazing Computer Deal!

MDG the computer company you always see using steve nash on thier commercials has made a incredible offer anyone without a computer couldnt miss!

If You Seen Better Then This Post It. This Is A Advanced Computer For Under $1000

Free Upgrate To Dual-Core!
Free Upgrade To 500GB!
Free Upgrade To 2GB Memory!

All This For Only $777 Canadian Dollars And I Paid $999+Tax For My Computer Which Only Has:

160 GB HD & 512 MB Ram & Single Core And No Flat LCD :cry: No Software Bundle But ■■■■■■ Norton AV And No Games Bundle :frowning: And No DVD Burner :frowning:

If I Bought This I Would Have Saved From Buying External DVD Burner, Flight Simulator, Many System Optimizing Software, Resetting My Computer Everytime It Broke (Could Of Fitted Whole Backups With 500GB) Getting Word Programs (Comes With Corel Products!)

If You Have 1 Old Computer Then Go Ahead And Get This Offer! Too Late For Me :frowning:

You Also Get Free Upgrade To Media Centre :smiley:

*  Intel® Pentium 4 Processor 3.6GHz with HT Technology - Free Upgrade to New Intel® Dual Core Processor $200 Value!!!
* Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home - Free Upgrade to XP-PRO MCE 2006
* Genuine Intel® Motherboard
* 512MB Kingston® Memory - Free Upgrade to 2GB!
* 250GB Hard Drive - Free Upgrade to 500GB!
* High Speed DVD Burner - Make Your Own Movies
* 19” LCD MONITOR - Free Upgrade to New Generation TFT with SXGA Resolution
* FREE Canon Multifunction (Printer, Copier, Scanner)
* 3D Audio PRO Sound and 3D Video
* Genuine Microsoft Internet Keyboard & Optical Mouse
* Corel® WordPerfect® Office X3 (With built-in PDF creation, stunning multimedia slideshows and easy full-featured email)
* Microsoft® Software Bundle (Word, Money, Encarta)
* Microsoft® Games Bundle (Age of Empire III, Zoo Tycoon, Flight Simulator)