Am trying to get WinXP 32bit to run chkdsk but Firewall keeps sandboxing it

I am trying to get Windows XP 32bit to run “chkdsk c: /f” by running it from command prompt.
But each time Firewall says “Application Isolated” and sandboxes it. I have tried to submit it
and it has already been submitted and I have added it specifically as a Windows system appllication.
Even “Don’t Isolate it again” does not work. I know I will be able to run it in safe mode but why can
Comodo allow me to run it in Normal Mode. Very frustrating. The sort of thing that puts off users
who just want to do normal things but applications such as this which I love by the way stops them.
So they just uninstall them and run their PC’s in a less secure way.

Does chkdsk show up in the settings: Defense+: HIPS: Sandbox ?
If so, my guess is that it can do practically anything due to its privileges, but everything it does is still in the sandbox.

If it’s in the Sandbox and you remove it, you’ll probably want to look under HIPS: Behavior Blocker is “Auto-sandbox” checked? You could un-check that or add chkdsk.exe to the Exceptions list there.

But I agree if Comodo’s going to try to provide some auto-just-make-it-go rules that let normal operations continue with no user involvement, it seems like they’d have whitelisted an app like chkdsk.

What happens in defense+ safe mode?