Am lost need help.

So far CIS has ■■■■■■■ up three machines - 1 Desktop and 2 latops. I spent hours reversing the hundreds of blocked and contained programs when you first released this release. Then had issues with the new release with Hot fix screwing up Laptop 1 when it kept insisting on blocking svchost,exe, Still haven’t fixed/repaired that problem so have to live with slower network connection speeds.

Got a noticed that I Must install latest CIS prior to updating to Microsoft Creator… Why? no explanation given. And seeing as I don’t know when I will be given that creator update, I figured I had better allow the latest CIS update. Well that was a mistake. Since that update I lost the use of my bluetooth mouse. Once again I have hundreds of blocked/contained programs that I must go through, one by one, to try to undo the ■■■■ CIS did. But I can not figure out what it did to block my laptop from connecting to the bluetooth mouse.

Do you gurus have any idea what I need to look for? Right now the only option I see is wiping out everything and reistalling the OS, if I can even figure out how to do that.

And I do know that if it comes to that, CIS will not be reinstalled.

Unhappy and lost all patience.

  • Gene

You can use the unblock applications task to see what was blocked and then you can unblock those to allow them to work properly.

I have unblocked all the blocked files. But that did not correct the problem of the laptop not connecting with the mouse.

Is the bluetooth service running? Does the mouse have its own service executable that it uses? If it does you can try to add it to the detect shellcode injections exclusions under advanced protection > miscellaneous.

Problem solved. I uninstalled Comodo, Rebooted and mouse paired without issue. Too bad. I have had a good run with Comodo on my machines until this last major update. Time to look for another Internet Security software. I do appreciate the help given and hope Comodo returns to being a good software.