Am I under attack or what?

Date/Time :2006-09-03 00:53:46 Severity :Medium Reporter :Network Monitor Description: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, IP = 85.226.***.***, Port = http(80)) Protocol: TCP Incoming Source: Destination: 85.226.***.***:http(80) TCP Flags: SYN Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 5

This is an example from my comodo log. I have hundreds of them. They come 20 times or so per minute and always with a different Suorce IP and port. The Destination port is always 80.
This is something that I noticed after I upgraded to the latest version. I did not have that many entries before.
Is this a sudden attack on my IP? I am not worried though since comodo is protecting me. Just a bit curious.

Someoone is trying to connect your PC as if it is a webserver :slight_smile: I dont think you are under an attack but you do have unwanted traffic towards.

sounds very bad! maybe some worm is looking for an IIS server or something like that…

Thanks for your replies. I have finally managed to change my IP and this “attack” or whatever it was has stopped. (B)