Am I still infected?

Hey! I’ve used Norton Security Scan, a not-so-famous program. ir said i had 119 spybots in my computer, but when i scanned with Comodo, i dont got any viruses :open_mouth: wich one willl i trust? also, im using Swiftkit, a Runescape (Runescape is a game made by JaGeX Ldt) toolbar, and when i was talking in my Runescape’s clan Irc, it was something wierd. When i used shift+ any numbers, the numbers were random. / was & and so on, i couldn’t find out what as did happend. got any hunts i can use to make it easier? i’ll try again in a moment if they key thingy still is active. im afraid of that a keylogger can have infected my computer, so they can hack anything im using (getting my passwords, names, and so on). please help me.

edit: sorry for my bad english, it isnt my first langue

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Can you please scan with the two programs listed in this guide:
How to check if your computer is infected and let us know the results.