Am I really protected?

Hello friends!

I have recently joined the group of “Comodo satisfied users”, and have some doubts regarding “my security”. Could someone please ask some questions? :slight_smile:

I have moved yesterday from Panda Internet Security 2007 (for which I have paid for one year) to Comodo Firewall V3, due to inumerous problems on PIS 2007 and the total inability of Panda Technical Support in solve it, and I am very satisfied with Comodo Firewall. I have also installed on my machine the Comodo BOClean solution for more or less 6 months.

So, as Comodo Anti-Virus still in beta, and some users suggests me to use another anti-virus, I choose Avira AntiVir Personal Edition as my anti-virus (this solution is really preferable than Comodo Anti-Virus even in its beta version?).

I would like to know if you consider the above mentioned security “package” enough to protect me, or if do have I to install another solution. I also have installed in my machine the “Spyware Doctor” (free version that comes with Google Pack), A-Squared Free and Spybot. These three I use only for “on-demand” scans.

I am very paranoid with security, and due to this, I would like to ask you if am I really protected with the above mentioned solutions installed on my machine, or if you suggest something more.

Thank you all for your kindly help and patience. (V)

finally…i’ve found someone like me (:TNG)
first of all, let me say: you post in wrong section ;D

1)CAVS2BETA is still buggie,like: can’t do “safely remove flashdisk” from systray icon before rebooting
comp & i’m not sure, but i had CAVS uninstallation issue (email scanner uninstallation failed
something…). oh and the detection rate isn’t very good compared to Avira/avast/AVG. i think the +
point of CAVS is the integrated HIPS ,but since we already got CFP3 defense+ (and CAVS HIPS is
inferior compared to defense+), it would be useless to use CAVS HIPS.
so the conclusion is : stick with avira-antivir & lets wait for CAVS3 (J)

2)you’re using Avira-antivir, CFP, & CBO right? i think they’re good enough. before i install CFP3, i
have : CFP 2.4
Spyware terminator(realtime) : HIPS integrated & CLAM AV integrated (i used clam av for on
demand scanning only)
i still have them all, but i turn off ST realtime shield and use it for on demand scanning only.
i think, AV, AS and other antiwhatever is like a first aid box, you get sick, and you look for the cure,
but the most important thing is keeping ourself healthy in the first place by using a reliable firewall.
and now i panic, since my CFP failed 8 of 10 test >:( .
anyway, maybe you wanna try DrWebCureIt, it’s a free scanner, no update (you have to download the whole app) ,no install, you just download the whole app, and execute it. CureIt found some nasties in my system restore that others failed

Hello ganda! :slight_smile:

first of all, let me say: you post in wrong section

Sorry. :-[

So, we are both paranoid regarding security. ;D

I will take a look at DrWebCureIt and try to use the tool. Thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I have already used Spyware Terminator in the past, but have unninstaled it due to its lower detection rate. So now I have Spyware Doctor and Spybot only for on-demand scans.

So, let’s await for the version 3 of CAVS. Hope it comes as soon as possible. (:WIN)

Have a nice day. :slight_smile: