am i protected at startup?

hello and thanks for your interest, i have been using cpf for about a week now,and in general i am quite happy with it, but one issue keeps arising, when i start up each day i get warning messages telling me i have no firewall protection.leaves me a bit paronoid, any ideas?thanks, tech dunce :slight_smile:

But the firewall start up correctly and the firewall icon in the traybar comes up? Or are you missing the icon in the traybar?

CFP’s driver is loaded before Windows, so you’re already protected from all incoming connections. As per the screenshot, there’s even an option to block all outgoing connections during the boot stage.

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hello soya, and thanks for your input, i am not the most technically gifted, but if you say alls well i will take your (better informed) word for it. i didnt see the option you mention but will check it out. thanks again, tech dunce. :slight_smile:

No prob. That option is located at Security > Advanced > Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention > Configure… > Miscellaneous

Your issue with the warning messages is a common one for a certain group of users…(I’m not one of them :D) and it’s just a delay in reporting CFP’s true status.

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