Am I protected against viruses and troyans in incoming e-mails with the new CIS?

Hi, well finally after I received continuous warnings about Comodo support would not be available to the old CAV I decided to change to the new and still free ( Thanks guys) CIS.

I am missing all the features that I manipulated in the old CAV version such as the incoming and outgoing email scanning and I am a little bit scared about this, how do I know if my incoming mails are being scanned ?.

Am I missing some configuration and the mail scanning is still there?.

Does the new CIS do the same and great work the old one did until today November 8 2008.

Please I would like to be sure I am really protected with the new CIS.


Thor Hedderich

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Hi Thor!

Yes you are fully protected. You see… Malware needs to hit either the Hard Drive or the Memory, And the AV in CIS protects againist those 2 areas, Every single activity on the Hard Drive is watched on-access (real time), and VERY FAST (CIS is one of the fastest on-demand AV’s), And as you can probably tell you have hardly any performance impact. If a virus is in an email, and it runs - CIS will zap it in lightening speed. :slight_smile:

CAV 3 (The new AV Version is CIS) is FAR Better then CAV 2.0 Beta, It’s no longer in beta, and faster, lighter and MUCH better detection, See the RAM Usage for your self (cmdagent.exe & cfp.exe) - Really Amazing. :slight_smile:


Your emails are no longer being scanned between the internet and your mail client by a mail scanner. Instead, any file you try to access, including emails, is scanned when you try to open or store it from your client. This has always been done, and is largely redundant with the functions of the email scanner. So as 3xist explains, you are protected-just not in exactly the same way.

Great, I was just missing the taskbar email scanning icon and I was worried about this. Now I can rest .

Thor Hedderich :BNC

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