am i infected ?

got this failure notice ???
my office email address is (pls don’t send any malware ;D )
i never send any email to ???
i’m using Outlook Express 6, and the email server ( is an indonesian email provider, plain & simple webmail, no AV, no spam protection. >:(


[attachment deleted by admin]

I hope you didn’t open the email in HTML format and click any links in it. :wink:

These “failed to deliver” email messages are bogus and should be deleted without opening.

Ewen :slight_smile:

errr i guess not.i open the email from outlook express, didn’t click any link in it. pheew, so it’s just a fake email? i thought i’ve got malware infection and it was trying to send spam to other email addresses.
ths Ewen :■■■■


Love the title Ganda! what you been up to over christmas :-*

ps. get an anti-spam program like er??? comodo`s


Nah, they send this type of bogus email in the hope that you will open it, thinking one of your legitimate emails has bounced.

Ewen :slight_smile:

i think comodo antispam isn’t very good (sorry), i don’t know, it’s kinda like Comodo part time job, never really heard something special about it.


thx guys

Send any spam you receive to

sorry, i’ve deleted the spam messages. but i’ll do it next time i got another spam.