Am I in stealth mode?

Comodo firewall pro

I installed Comodo, no problems. When I ran a port scan test on PC Flank it said port 139 was closed but not stealthed. But when I chose port 139 alone it came back stealthed. Shields Up says all ports are stealthed.??

Also the stealth ports wizard will not allow me to change to option 3 “stealth my ports to everyone.” If I change it and click finish, it says your firewall has been configured accordingly" but then when I open again it is back at first option “define a new trusted network”.In fact if option 2 is chosen it also says “your firewall has been configured accordingly” but change back to option 1 when finish clicked.

Also how do i make sure no program is acting as a server?.Please note I am behind a wireless router. The router has a built in firewall


All firewall tests will test the firewall of your router, and not CFP 3. But even if your router doesn’t stealth the ports, CFP 3 will.
I think all your ports are stealth, since I would say that Shields Up! are more reliable than PC Flank.

I think it uses the option that you choose, but it always resets its position back to the first option.


Hi Ragwing

PC Flank quick test says port 139 is visible

PC Flanks stealth test says your computer is invisible to the others on the Internet!

PC Flanks advanced Port scanner TCP connect ‘scan vulnerable and trogan ports’ test says 139 is closed others are stealthed

PC Flanks advanced Port scanner TCP SYN scanning 'scan vulnerable and trogan ports’says 139 is stealthed along with other ports

ShieldsUp says all ports stealthed, “port 139 does not appear to exist” and “cannot connect with netbios to your computer”

Why does Flank give different result on different scans?

RE Stealth Port Wizard you say “I think it uses the option that you choose, but it always resets its position back to the first option.” I think that needs to be changed and clarified so the user knows.

Can CFP block referrers?

Thanks for your help

It maybe uses different ways to check if the ports are open. Else, I have no idea.

No. But if you use Firefox, write about:config in the adress bar, and find network.http.sendRefererHeader and set it to 0.


Checked with other PC. ZoneAlarm give a stealh on all test so think will go back to ZA.


I had the same problem with the previous version of CF3 where PC Flank reports Net Bios Ports closed but not stealthed. I then tried PC Tools Firewall and PC Flank reports that Net Bios Ports are stealthed. I did the exact same test using same browser and get 2 different results. I think Comodo should look into this a bit more.

Intrusting. I have a free year of ZAAS which I got on patch Tuesday. I think I will go back to that also. I love Comodo but the constant baby sitting of a firewall is unnecessary. Anytime I want to do something I am iodated with pop ups. :THNK