am I doing this correctly?

Hello, I set up my firewall to automatically block certain uTorrent traffic when the data is not coming from a proxy and i’m using the following rules.

from what I can tell it works, I don’t see any IPs except for my local IP and my proxy communicating but I would like to ask some more advanced users if I should change anything. The purpose of this is that if my proxy decides to randomly disconnect, utorrent wont continue downloading with my real IP exposed (I know uTorrent has fail safe features for this, but I would like to do it myself via firewall.


EDIT: I should probably mention 141.105.**** is my proxy.

I think you can replace 2 block rules with one Block Ip in \ out from to . Since rules are checked from top to bottom, that would mean block anything that isn’t allowed in rules above. I’m not really sure how exactly in \ out rules work, so I’m not sure if rules 3 and 4 are needed.