Am I creating separate backups or modifying the same one!?


Just started setting up my backups but suddenly realized that seemingly no name is associated with a backup. In my case I trying to create the following backups:

  1. critical files: full/each-Sun
  2. critical files: Inc/daily
  3. studio files: full/1st-each-month
  4. studio files: Inc/each-Sat
  5. resource files: full/15-each-month
    and so on…

But is it possible to create multiple backups using Comodo?? Or, am I just changing the full and Inc backups over and over again!!!

How, for instance, can I check and/or change my ‘critical files’ backup?

I have almost a T-Byte of data (I do 3D animation) which is why I like to breakup my backups.


when creating the backups, after you setup all your options, you have to click the save button and save a custom profile then schedule it. The custom back profiles are under the shortcuts tab.

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