Am I Blocking some my ISP dynamic addresses

Could I Firstly say thanks for your great product and it’s very much appreciated :-TU.
I use 3 mobile broadband and know that my IP address varies, I’ve noticed that some of the addresses I’ve blocked are very similar to the current address, I sometimes lose connection could this be that my isp is switching me to another address and i’ve blocked it, And is there anyway of finding out if it is an address belonging to my isp. Thanks

If you open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all about half way down it will tell you what your current ip address is. It will start with IPv4 Address…

The way you obtain an ip addresss is through a process called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) which under Windows is handled by svchost.exe. If you haven’t changed the default firewall Application rules, this should be working. if you’ve made changes, it would be helpful if you could take a screen shot of those rules and post them here.

Thanks for replying I hope these are the correct shots

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Thanks for the info.

Your main Internet p address looks like it’s being delivered from your ISP, however, you Application rules have svchost.exe blocked for inbound connections. This will cause problems. If you’re not interested in creating custom rules, you should consider changing the rule to outgoing only, which is one of the predefined rules.

You also appear to have a LAN using the 192.168 range, Is your PC running ICS?

In your Global rules, you appear to be monitoring kerberos (88) and adobeserver (3074) yet you have no corresponding Application rules that will service these requests?

In the log files, ports 137 to 139 are used for NetBIOS and port 445 is SMB over TCP. Basically, these ports allow communication in support of file and printer sharing between devices on your LAN. In this case, however, the inbound requests seem to be originating for the Internet. these are better blocked.

As you have a trusted network defined, you can add a final rule (last in the list) to Global rules that blocks IP IN.

Yes I am running ics as I use my pc as a gateway for my xbox 360, I have disabled file and print sharing services as I dont need them and feel more secure with it off. My global rules are so that my xbox360 dose’nt have a moderate Nat,I copied the global settings from these forums but my nat still moderate but I’m not really bothered by that as it’s better than making myself vunerable. I’ve deleted the ports 3074 and 88 rules now. and just left the local rules. I haven’t the faintest what kerbos is and will google that and as for adobe I don’t use it apart from the flash in my browser, I have also blocked all ports used for emails, Thank you for you time and help I’m reassured that I’m secure and haven’t ballsed anything up. The Internet Is like a sewer whenever you go through it you’ve gotta try and come out clean ??