Am I being attacked?

I left my comodo off for a week because a friend said software firewalls aren’t needed since I’m behind a router. Yesterday I turned it back on and I see this:
The blocks just keeps going up.

Don’t worry, this is a side effect of using the Stealth Ports Wizard. Any connections from Windows Operating System are perfectly safe. You don’t need to do anything :slight_smile:

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ok thanks for the quick reply, now I feel better

No problem :slight_smile:

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I’m behind a router and run a software firewall…

Why? Outbound protection. I feel the outbound protection is well worth running the firewall even though the firewall doesn’t have to work very hard most of the time.

Copy that.

I would like to add that the firewall is needed as the topic starter seems to have an open port on his router; so he needs it for inbound protection as well. And as most people share their computer on a local network you would need the inbound protection as you never know what is happening on the other’s computers.

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Your screen shot: It’s not hacking attempts.
Read following link. You will see my reply on it.;msg268582#msg268582

Router(for HOME networking): It can’t perfectly prevent hacking attempts.
There are many vulnerabilities and attack techniques.(depands on router vendor, model)
In case of firmware overwrting attack,
After you are attacked by a hacker, your router can’t prevent from anything.
It means the hacker can control your router whatever he wants.
Also a router can’t prevent hackings based on WEB(Web Hacking), Packet Sniffing,
Packet manipulation etc.
Do not trust a router.
You should trust CIS rather than a router.