Am I banned ???

Tonight, when I was testing a new online privacy protection tool called “Spotflux”, I got a surprise entering “Comodo Forum”. :-
I got a message that I was banned. I got a fancy member number too…but in that reference some other name LUCAS.E was mentioned. I am attaching the screenshot for your reference. :o

I had to disable “Spotflux” to enter comodo forum again. :wink:

FYI, Spotflux is a cloud based privacy protection tool which combines traditional VPN encryption with some other active and dynamic technologies. It is more similar to Hotspot Shield.

Some one please look in to this issue and please let me know the findings.

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Probably a ban-rule by IP. I’m guessing it has nothing to do with you, so don’t worry. If this keeps happening though, try contacting a moderator.

Comodo is monitoring your PC usage and detected acts of Piracy (Pineapple Express). :P0l Jokes. >:-D

Placebo +1 :wink:

Seems Comodo is monitoring Screenshots too… :wink: :wink: :wink: ;D ;D ;D >:-D >:-D >:-D

This is what is going on. It has nothing to do with SivaSuresh but just the IP address they tried to connect from.

Banning by IP is useless because (at least in my country) Ip’s change everytime you connect to Internet.


  1. when you ban a troll’s IP his IP change next time he connects
  2. you ban (also and above all) other people that happen to be assigned that IP

That’s a valid point for all Dynamic IP clients, like us.


I was banned again… this time “BANNED FOR INDEFINITE TIME”.

I have set “Comodo Forum” as my firefox home page. I have been using “Spotflux” for privacy and I have been using it in Dragon so as to eliminate the issue with “Comodo Forum”. Yesterday, I have accidentally clicked Firefox while I had “spotflux” open … and … it’s the end…

I was unable to login to the forum for the whole day, even after disabling “Spotflux”.

I am attaching the screenshot.

Please find a solution for this.

By the way, in response to my question, Spotflux developers asked ‘whether the Forum has blocked a single IP or the whole range of IPs’ so that they can do some thing about it.

I would like to know your mail id so that I can contact you immediately through mail in case this thing happens again…

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Once you have encountered a ban, then it may well stick with you because of a combination of the browser cache and cookies. It’s not specifically the forums doing anything.

As you might imagine, when you consider it, we (the forums) are not terribly keen talking about member bans in public. Sorry about that, it’s the nature of the thing.

Yes, we have banned some Spotflux IPs and that is as much information as we are willing to divulge here.

However, I suspect that Spotflux only need to scan some well know blacklists to see if their IP’s are being abused and subsequenly blocked/banned. For instance… Stop Forum Spam (or SFS), as the name implies, is a anti-spammer blacklist list (database) for forums. I assume at least one of these is a Spotflux IP?

Please note: These forums did not report any of these IPs to SFS.

So, are we done with this topic now? :slight_smile:

Is the problem solved yet ?
I’m sure you don’t want valid community members being unable to use these help forums because one person spammed ones ?

Yes. In this case the problem is solved by a) avoiding anonymous access to the forums as a preventative solution and b) clearing your browser cache and/or forum cookies (or use another browser) if you do encounter a persistent forum ban message.

Of course, Spotflux (in this case) could probably do more to ensure that their services (IPs) are not being abused (see above).

You’re making certain assumptions that are somewhat incorrect/out-of-date. Unfortunately it’s not one spammer, it’s thousands of spammers per week these days. In fact, the forums would be flooded with spam if we didn’t take action.

I know spamming is a big problem to any Forum and needs to be dealt with seriously. But, as a normal member I would not like to be identified or recorded as a spammer continuously for what ever the reason may be.

I tried different browsers, system restart as well. None of them worked. To be more specific I get a dynamic external IP from my ISP which is shared by almost one quarter of our town’s population and it is leased for a minimum of 48 hrs . So, a ban by IP would not be a valid solution I think. I can not of course provide another alternative immediately, but I would not want this to continue either.

Fine, the devs of Spotflux need this info in order to solve this issue and according to you, since Comodo Forum has not reported any IPs to SFS, there won’t be any possible use for Spotflux in verifying SFS IP list…

By the way, I did not have this problem when I was using HotSpot Shield.

No, not yet…I am not willing to close this topic until I get a solution. :wink:

I am still worried as to what should I do, if this happens again… since it will create a bad track record for my account too as a continuous spammer… 88)>:(

Firstly, you are not being reported and/or recorded as a spammer.

Secondly, are you sure about what you’re saying about your home ISP’s dynamic IPs, changing browsers, rebooting, etc? I recently changed the ban message to what you have posted the screen shot of. That specific message exists nowhere else and it certainly doesn’t include your ISP. In addition, all your posts in this topic have used the same IP (for over a week).

Why not? Spotflux’s IPs are listed on SFS (and probably other blacklists). Don’t just think of yourself and this forum.

That’s a great relief. I am glad to know that. Thank you.

That is because, I have been logged on to net all the time and I am behind a router in my home which I do rarely switch off. The IP lease continues as long as the user is logged on. Secondly, our ISP acts as a kind of NAT so, the IP that I am leased ( is not the same as my External IP (
You can check with 24online ISP solutions for more info. The same system is being implemented in our ISP.

Hope this answers your questions.

Fine, may be they have their problems. But in the end, I need a solution that works for me, since I am the one who is losing…right ? :wink: I have been continuously contacting “Spotflux” support as I am doing with you. So, all that I am doing is trying to arrive at that working solution, ASAP.

Thanks again for the cooperation.

The problem comes when you start using Spotflux to access the forums (your IP changes from your own External IP to one of Spotflux’s IPs), as some of Spotflux’s IPs are banned on the forums due to abuse. If you encounter an IP ban, then it’s stuck in your browser (see above). Rebooting does nothing. Using another browser without disabling/turning off Spotflux stuffs the next browser in the same way. You must clear the browser’s cache and/or cookies for the forums. I believe the critical thing is the cache, but unfortunately it’s dependent on what you try & do on the forums whilst attempting to use a banned IP if the cookie is impacted as well.

The solution is to stop using Spotflux on the forums & avoid the Spotflux ban.

We will not remove the IP ban of a known and active abuser/spammer. From our perspective, that abuser/spammer is Spotflux. They administer/control the IPs, not us.

There are boards and sites out there that will not permit login with a proxy.
If you can connect direct but have issues with connecting via proxies, please take it up with the proxy server.
The boards are not responsible for the IP or server you choose to use.
Comodo will not resolve your proxy issues. You need to resolve these elsewhere.