Am completely sunk

My computer won’t work AT ALL (am using one at work now), not in safe mode, not in any mode. What happened was I went to un-install the Comodo Time Machine (as I do every week or so) in order to defragment the computer. The uninstall process got “hung up” about 2/3 of the way through, it just froze. I waited a full half hour for something to happen, before force shutting down the computer. When I then tried to reboot… BSOD. Went into safe mode…BSOD. Am completely locked out. Is there any hope for this siituation? Would like to continue using the Comodo Time Machine - if I am ever lucky enough to get my computer back! - but this has put fear into me about the program.

Windows XP SP3
Only the main drive (“c”) is protected - make that “was”
P4 3.4 processor, Dell model 8400

Well, sorry…
Hope the programmers could take a look in the uninstall process.
Can you test “Last know good configuration” to see if it works?
Maybe you could test Partition Wizard.
Rebuild the MBR. You’ll get, at least, the baseline back.

I tried “last good configuration” and also got BSOD. If you hit F8 before the main computer comes on, you get several different start up options. I tried every single one of them…all giving BSOD. Is there ANY way I could just get the computer to start somehow? Safe mode even would be great, at least I might rescue…something?

I went to the that link and read it, describes a “Partition Wizard” program that is said to be able to restore things. Sounded excellent, but problem is that in order to use the Partition Wizard I first have to be able to use the “computer.” The machine is effectively dead?

It doesn’t look good, am on my own. Over and out.

hovey, I’ve read that you can manage the windows registry externally (booting with a CD).
One of the moderators said so.
I have an option to do that, but I, personally, don’t know what should be changed/modified in order the computer to boot.

This is understandably distressing for you hovey but don’t despair.The good news is that all your data is still there,it’s just a case of accessing it.

The answer when you’re unable to boot into Windows at all (even Safe Mode) is to use some form of bootable CD to access the system.

Partition Wizard offers an mbr fix that if successful will at least return your system to a bootable status.From there you’ll need to run a data recovery program,which can read the raw data from your drive and allow you to restore your lost data (or at least most of it).Alternatively UBCD4Win offers a large number of repair/recovery utilities from it’s bootable slimmed-down Windows interface.You will need a Windows XP cd in order to create the UBCD4Win though.

andyman35, thank you.
But you’ll agree with all of us that it’s not the most comfortable way to use/test a software.
I think the official version 166 is far unstable than the beta 175. I’ve lost everything with 166 also.
I can’t understand why it is released to download right now.
The beta phase also goes very slowly…

Hi hovey:

I am sorry for CTM troubled you and the late reply.
This is known bug in 2.6.138262.166, in some special cases may occur. We have fixed it, and you can get the new version from here:

In fact, if you get the BSOD(CTMFLT.SYS) after uninstalled CTM and do not want to reinstall Windows, you can boot with WinPE CD, and edit the registry offline, then your OS can be started normally.
As for need to modify which registry keys, I will tell you in private if necessary.

Best Regards.

Thanks so much all of you for taking an interest in my sad :cry: case. I downloaded the “ultimate boot CD” on another computer. Just need to know what to do with it. Do you simply copy and paste it onto a CD, or do you have to use an “imaging” pogram such as power ISO in order to make the CD? Am glad to know the info is still there! Will let you know what happens and thanks again your concern.

You downloaded the one from the link I posted yes UBCD4WIN? The reason I ask is that there’s another,unrelated project just called Ultimate Boot CD.

If you have downloaded a .ISO file then it’d appear you have UBCD since UBCD4Win has to be compiled by yourself using a Windows XP CD .UBCD4WIN should be an executable file. It’ll have the name “UBCD4WINv360.exe”

Sorry if it all seems like a lot of effort,it’s really not so bad once you get into it.Once you’ve built it you’ll have access to all the tools you need to fix the majority of PC problems.with regards to burning an ISO file to disk,you must choose the option ‘burn an image file’ (or similar),if you just burn it as an ordinary data disk it’ll not work.

Here’s a couple of links to video tutorials to help you out:

Unfortunately you can’t just download it pre-built due to Microsoft licensing restrictions.

I agree with you entirely.
It was a bad omission to not include some form of disaster recovery option with this particular software,given the real possibility of issues when uninstalling.At the very least there should have been a warning to back up any critical data before attempting to do so. :frowning:

It’s embarrassing to suggest a software like this. I was deeply criticized when I’ve done this before, when they take my words as a technical suggestion.

This will avoid/alert some users that will keep away from the software. But it’s more prudent and realistic. I have myself a full partition backup.

Yes thanks, the file is UBCD4WIN360, the correct one. I have it now, here on the work computer. It’s a 369 mega unit “.exe” file, and not an “.iso.” It appears also to want to install on the C drive, which obviously I cannot do at work. Have still also got to fig. out how to then transfer it to a CD. Post said it had to be a “Windows XP” CD. Is that different from just a regular one? I do have a Windows XP CD but it is the installation disk and not writable. When I get home will study info on other links you sent. I really like the Comodo TM and do intend to keep using it, esp now that know there people who will help you and at same time are working to fix any flaws How can anyone not be grateful…when it’s FREE.

Hovey, don’t forget this.

You can change the location from ‘C’ to another,but it’s preferable to install it in the root directory rather than a sub-directory.If you have an external drive or secondary partition you can do that.the Windows XP installation disk that you have is what’s required,you just insert it into your optical drive and ‘point’ UBCD4Win to that location where it asks for the source files. :-TU

Once it’s completed it’ll have created an ISO for you to burn,or it can burn it for you if you tick the option.Believe me creating a basic UBCD4Win disk is actually much easier in practice than it is to describe. ;D

Once you’re up and running,if you run Remote Regedit (highlighted) you can perform the modifications that Flykite will send you. :-TU

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I uninstalled ctm and have an immediate read disk error within 5 seconds.

There is no boot or safe mode option at all, just Ctrl+Alt+Del which cycles back to same message.

If I hit F12 as it reboots to spends several minutes looking to get changes to DMI that CTM created. Ultimately it can’t and gives disk read error message again.

I had vista on the machine.

Is there any way to get this key data reset for the very start of the boot process?

Is there a recovery service or a program that can recover the data?
Thanks in advance.

What does happen if you keep pressed F8 while booting?

The experience is telling me that CTM uninstallation process SHOULD do a chkdsk before.
I also suggested that it was a two step uninstallation process. But seems I was not listened.

Pressing f d changes nothing. Machine clicks when f8 is held down during boot but in a few seconds gives same message

AMD Data Change… update new data to DMI!
disk read error occurred
press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

Does this read error right at the start of reboot mean the whole hard drive is there with all the data but it is impossible to access any of it in any way?

Thanks for your reply Tech. I agree Comodo should have been more proactive in trying to avoid totaling what could be many computers.