Alzheimer's disease?

Using CFP 2.4, if the PC is left idle for a certain time (not closing the session), when coming back and trying to connect to internet, comodo forbids every communication: it is sufficient (windows 2000 sp4) to close the session and so forth open the same user’s account to make it work again: what would be the reason of that?

Moreover, let us suppose that, in a working session, some kind of rotten link forces me to open it with IE (this kind of abnormal situation occurs with Comodo and Avira links): i have to temporary allow for IE (default is blocking rule), and the first time after i want to open a link with the default browser (firefox), i am being asked for a tcp-out-port 80-given ip rule for firefox, not specifying any new child application, and while a corresponding allowing rule allready exists for any ip.
Why should CFP not remember this appropriate rule?

I have no other choice than to reply to myself.
It would have been more judicious to do so to a moderator, and i tried:

You can't report your own post to the moderator, that doesn't make sense!

People or robots having the arrogance of speaking of nonsense should first try to have themselves a little less arrogance and a little more good sense.

I quote myself:

Alzheimer's disease? Using CFP 2.4 (...)

I suppose not only the software, but also the moderator is affected by Alzheimer’s disease: why else would she/he have moved the topic to “help for v3”?

You posted a question about 2.4 in Help for V3. The moderator moved it here (Help for V2). What’s wrong with that?


Just one more person not knowing what he is talking about:
The original question is marked as “moved” in the “bugs” section.

Ahhh, I see now. First posted in BUGS then moved to V3 and then to V2. My bad. Mistakes happen.

Al (I wish I always knew what I was talking about) Adric