ALYac Antivirus Free (unreleased)

My korean friend recommended it to me once. He said he got his free, so i suppose only the english version is unreleased. According to them, it’s based on Bitdefender and their own engine called the Tera engine. Does anyone know of this antivirus? Probably not, but is it worth it?

Installing on a VM (Windows Vista)

Internet Security Version;

Download Size: 141MB!!! (Includes a Snapshot of the DB’s)
Install Time: 12Minutes (2.0Ghz Single Core / 500MB RAM)

1; Installing
2; Main GUI
3; Firewall Settings
4; Default Settings - CLT
5; Secured Settings - CLT

Rely’s on AntiVirus (Signature Only) No HIPS/Behavior Blocking etc…

Does let you know if you don’t have a password on your windows account though;

My Recommendation. Don’t Go for it…

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No wonder the little chappys eyes are so spaced out :o , have you seen the size of those pills! ;D

The site mentions it has proactive i.e behaviour blocker technology for unknown threats. Even the free antivirus has firewall. So whats exactly the difference between the free & paid? Any tests or statistics on detection?


possibly an error in their website. it may not have been updated.

That is a whopping download size! :o

That’s some drug they got there too.

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. :smiley:

I’ve seen about this program from their Facebook that they’ll release an English version.
Finally :smiley: