Alwil Software working on a Personal Firewall


Alwil Software the makers of avast! antivirus seem to be developing a Personal Firewall. What are your comments on this?

Interesting. My comments are; if they manage to create a quality firewall - good, there can’t be too many. And most likely, today more people know about avast! Antivirus than Comodo firewall, so for people’s own good, they may get a better firewall with Alwil, than Windows own or ZoneAlarm or whatever they use currently. Unless they’ve found Comodo already.

However, I personally see no point in leaving Comodo… I consider 2.4 as a nearly perfect internet firewall, and as 3.0 adds a system firewall, I will NEVER switch firewall!!! And I will continue to recommend it for my friends no matter what Alwil are up to. :wink:

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It’s interesting to see they’ve asked for user’s opinions on why they like Comodo firewall. They obviously know Comodo’s one of the best, and what most of their users seem to use. I doubt they will rival version 3 of CFP though.

I love Comodo far too much to switch.


Mmmm… Interesting reading… Didn’t notice any mention of it being FREE. (:KWL)

Same here I don’t think it will rival CFP 3 either and I will have no plans of changing as I trust Comodo, I’m not saying I don’t trust Alwil as they do have a great antivirus program, but with a firewall Comodo just seems to do the job amazingly, and I expect their antivirus will reach that point as well soon :).

Anyways I don’t plan on switching any products I just wanted to see what everyone’s views on this were and now maybe Comodo will actually have a real competitor in the firewall market, I don’t see Zone Alarm or Outpost being major competition right now…


Too early to tell, Justin. To be competitive doesn’t come in one day. There are limits to miracles ;D

I might take a look at it when they release BETA, but I’ll probably use CPF 3 as it got HIPS which seems to own all others, and doesn’t eat your RAM ;D


I think it’s quite interesting that they start out by asking why people like Comodo. Hmm… ;D


It would be really interesting to see what happens if Comodo got a major competitor to their firewall. I wonder how things would change from there, in particular with the firewall security market?

justin where did you read about that at?i was lookin in alwil forum but didnt see any mention of it?

maybe someone should mention to them, then we can provide them our engine, so that they don’t need to develop their own :slight_smile: We do have an OEM programme, where we can create a version for them.


Oh, would you actually help a competitor? Or maybe you don’t conside them as real competitors as Comodo makes money from certificates, and Alwil from AV? I believe Alwil makes a good antivirus, but any company would need help to get close to Comodo’s firewall 2.4 - and any company would need more than just help, to approch CPF 3.0. :wink:

Don’t worry Melih, I’ll continue to spread the word of Comodo, no matter what Alwil is up to!


As you rightly pointed out, we have different business models, hence we don’t mind helping them at all. Any security vendor wanting to OEM/Private label our firewall is welcome to it :slight_smile:
Just send me an email and we’ll help you out…


Just go back to Justins first post…top of page 1 and click on “Personal Firewall”. (:KWL)