always trust program does not work well..need help

I am getting warning messages about programs on my system although I click on the “Allow” and “Always trust this program” answer but Comodo keeps asking me the next time I use these programs and you should know that I use Comodo internet security version 5.0.16 and these programs like windows system configuration and control panel and games like call of duty black ops and you should know that I added these programs to trusted files but still this problem occur :frowning:

…so any solution to this problem ?

Hello; Have you tried “Remember My Answer”?

Also; Check Defense+ Settings To Enable “Create Rules for Safe Applications”
CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Check box Create Rules for Safe Applications

Did this help?


unfortunately it did not help and even if i try to change settings of my laptop speakers,this pop up still appear

Please Open CIS > More > Check For Updates, If no updates then you may possibly have a Malware Infection for Shell32.dll Should be signed from Microsoft

If you do have updates once install please restart your machine, and try again

I’ll Await until you report back


I checked for update and my Comodo is up to date and also I scaned my computer by ESET smart security 4 and I did not find any malware in my operating system and even with that every time I try to change settings of my computer’s speakers,this pop up appear and I think that it is problem in Comodo program v5 not in my operating system so I wish any update come soon to fix these silly problems .

I think that I will uninstall comodo internet security as it is full of problems

Have you checked the box for “Always trust this file or package” in the popup?

If this doesn’t solve it, and your computer is not infected, then can you please report this as a bug?


yes I checked it every time this pop up appeared but it did not solve this problem and I want to report this bug but how can I do that ?

Please See here


thank you for help

Your Welcome;

I’ll keep this thread open for any other comments/ possible fixes


Just wanted to mention I’m facing same issue now. It’s about Ableton Live.
The exe has been added to trusted files, I use “always trust the file or the package”, but nothing changes - the pop-up is always there.
The interesting thing is that the Company is recognized in the Safe file dialog (as Ableton), but upon launching it, Comodo says the publisher is unknown and the file hasn’t been signed

What Mode is Defense+ in?, can you post a screenshot of your Defense+ Events?..
Kind Regards

Hey. Defense+ is in Safe Mode, but I was trying to “teach” it in Training Mode, but nothing changes.
Here are some screenshots.
BTW: It’s Win7 64bit

The pop-up

Trusted files

The log