always trust program does not work well although I click on the "Allow" and "Al

The bug

I am getting warning messages when I try to run some programs on my laptop and although I click on the “Allow” and “Always trust this program” answer , but Comodo keeps asking me the next time I use these programs if I want to allow it or not and I added these programs to trusted files but still this problem occur and I tried to update Comodo but it did not help and I tried to reinstall it but also it did not help and I scanned my laptop by Antivirus ESET smart security 4 and found no malware in my operating system and I use Comodo internet security version 5.0.16 and these programs like windows system configuration and control panel and games like call of duty black ops and need for speed hot pursuit and my laptop’s speakers configuration program.

Screen shots

this message always appear although I click on the “Allow” and “Always trust this program”

CIS Settings:

Comodo internet security version 5.0.16

up to date

proactive security

Defense Settings >> Safe mode with Enabled SandBox and Execution Control

Firewall Settings >>I changed it to Custom Policy

Comodo antivirus is not installed and I use antivirus ESET smart security 4 and its firewall is disabled and windows firewall also is disabled

Windows 7 home 64bit and UAC Disabled and Administrator account

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I am sorry and I will change my posts to this format

On a side note. Are you using an adapted version of shell32.dll? Did you change the Windows UI with use of dedicated tools like Windows Blinds? The reason I am asking is that usually all Windows system files are digitally signed. If you are using an adapted version then the devs need to have it for their testing.

I am on Win 7 32 bits and my shell32.dll is signed.

To know for sure if that shell32.dll is the original file you can use Sigcheck to see if it is digitally signed by Microsoft.

Download this zip archive and unpack it to C:\Program Files\SysinternalsSuite\ . When done run sigcheck.reg to add it to the registry.

When this is done navigate to the system32 folder, look up and select shell32.dll, click right and choose Signature from the context menu. A black command box will pop up. See if it is signed or not.

I only installed mac transformation pack to change theme of my windows 7 to look like Mac OS X and you can find pack I used here…

and also in Program Files folder I can not find folder called SysinternalsSuite

You will have to create the SysinternalsSuite folder your self.

Let us know if the shell32.dll is signed or not. When it is not signed it is likely the result of the transformation pack.

Unfortunately we do need this issue to be reported in the right format, and with all the information we have asked for, if we are to forward it to verified issues.

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