Always run in sandbox doesn't support asterisk

Why doesn’t this feature support manual editing like older versions of CIS did? Before, you could add generic entires, for example C:\TEST*.exe and any EXE in taht folder would get sandboxed regardless of it’s name. Or for example, C:\TEST\AdobeFlash_*.exe where it would sandbox any file staring with AdobeFlash_ and ending with EXE extension. It would give users a lot more flexibility, especially for files that you want sandboxed all the time but they change their filename often due to auto updating. One such example that i’m trying to play with is the actual Adobe Flash Player plugin. I’ve disabled its Protected Mode but i’d like to try running it virtualized instead. Same would apply to any other app that changes its name often due to autoupdating…

Agree, I’d imagine they’d simply need to allow manual editing of the file path like in the other windows, but here it just locks it from input.

Pretty much yes. I’ve tested Adobe Flash and it works perfectly fine virtualized (and with Protected Mode disabled), but every time it will update, i (at the moment) have to redefine the EXE file. Where with asterisk, i could just include everything but the file version in the filename. I hope they’ll fix this in RC2, though i doubt it…

Well unless it’s reported as a bug or added as a wish I do doubt anything will change.

+1 :-TU

this is a good idea for sanboxing flash with an * but i just wonder if this is a bug or a wish. Probably a bug since other windows allow this. ill try and report it later.

It’s sort of a bit of both i guess.