always problems - why?

I updated CSC and it doesn’t ‘finish the job’ like the old version. This one leaves me with a listing to delete but does not finish no matter which options i choose. Not only that but Cloud and CSM just provide stats - all talk and no action with very little help available. I feel like uninstalling them all but Dragon and CIS seem to work well. Why is it so complicated and complex to find out anything about your products? How can i fix my problem?

Obviously it is you or your computer. I install comodo products fine.

Could you be more specific? CSM=comodo secure mail?, Do you use software like Mozilla thunder bird , Microsoft Outlook?

I need to know if you upgraded CSC from 2.2 till 3.0.

I hope you have installed all software from comodo as admin other program that you use might not work properly, at least as it should.

Provide me more info and I will do my best to find a solution.

Valentin N