Alternative way to protect against keyloggers

I would like comodo to encrypt my keyboard inputs at kernel driver level . This would greatly improve protection against all types (new and unknown) keyloggers.

The following website depicts an example of what i am referring to :

comments are welcomed . :a0

hmmmm…interesting idea, hehomain!

Interesting idea indeed…

Should work very nicely.

Yeah I would love to see that become part of D+, basically it would even make online transactions even more safe.

Hi Guys,

Why wouldn’t you use already existing free KeyScrambler Personal?
And as far as I know there are already hardware solution as well, so we don’t need to mess with “kernel level”.

Using such things could probably add a bit to security at the same time it just giving users some kinda peace of mind but can never protect you 100%.

Then, if you are protecting yourself from keylogger(s) it means that it is already got into your system and sitting there comfortably.
In this case you have to revise your security setup.

Finally, all that encryption ends as soon as data have to go outside.
Data that left the browser, for example, is already unprotected and if your security allowed some keylogger being present in your system, why wouldn’t it allow another malware sitting there and reading unencrypted real outgoing packets with all the information available as you entered it in the first place?

Just a few pessimistic thoughts :wink:


That sounds really interesting.
+1 for adding this function to Defense+

but when you are entering data in a encrypted page it is encrypted from the page on but not on your computer. so form the keyboard to the page there is no encryption right?

1.Keyscrambler personal is limited to web browsers(excluding chrome) i.e not the whole system. :smiley:
2.It could be a complement and not a substitute for defense+ keylogger protection.
3.It is meant to be an anti-keylogger,not an anti packet sniffer.
4. I concede that cis is already an outstanding security suite if not the best.But let’s be proactive and submit new ideas. :slight_smile:

Yes you are right.That’s my point.

Hi hehomain,

Thank you for reply.

Sure I know that the “free” one I mentioned is just a plug-in for browsers (not for all of them though).
Nothing against posting ideas. That is great! :-TU
I am just a bit pessimistic about this particular way of protecting against keyloggers due to the reasons I expressed.
There are many excellent ideas posted by users and Wish List for Firewall & Defense+ is huge.
I am not sure even whether it’s possible now to implement many helpful things suggested by users, because Comodo developers are involved in many other new things and development that can wait or even have no need to be implemented (my personall opinion :wink: )

As a matter of fact, in the context of this discussion and your reply the “packet sniffer” could be more interesting and helpful feature to have.
Finally, speaking about Firewall (since I am using Firewall only) :comodorocks: it is indeed outstanding … and sure it has many potentials and can be improved even more.


i wish comodo could develope such a product it will be most benificial if its integrated in CIS.

If you like it please promote this idea and share new ones with the forum community :slight_smile:

This idea with 2 more i have would make a very secure banking mode. ;D

  1. speak up 8) i want to hear that

Well the info has been given to the Dev’s it may come, but it may not.

I think thats all i can say lol.

:slight_smile: well see what trend micro is offering

may be that could be classified as a “banking mode” incremental protection.

Thats a bit better then OA but still not good enougth.