alternative update locations?

Since alot of malware/trojans block certain connection via the HOSTS file (e.g. in hosts file: ) I wonder if there are any alternative update locations which we could add to the comodo update path?


no? :frowning:

Defense+ is protecting the HOSTS file by default.

Did something modify your HOSTS file?

i belive i once found some maleware which killed comodo , changed the HOSTS file and then comodo couldnt update anymore. since that i use UAC at max level with password prompt.

oh and in protected files & folders there is no hosts file :o

i just checked it… so this means the hosts file isnt getting protected?

Is your hosts file not in your Windows folder ?


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ah okay… so adding system32 and syswow64 was useless anyway.

and instead of adding the appdata folder of each user i could simply add the whole user folder?

i also added program files (x86) and program files, aswell as programmData… should a good idea too?


will it slow down performance if i add those ?