alternative to Comodo firewall after bad updates?

After the 2 latest Comodo updates made my spysweeper, malwarebytes and superantispyware not function, I went back to using the old version without problems. Not sure how long it will take for Comodo to come out with a fix update. Is it better to continue using the version prior to the bad updates or look for an alternative? Is there a good alternative to Comodo firewall?

well, if you want alternative free firewall,you can try Online Armor, zonealarm, or PCtools firewall. :stuck_out_tongue:

??? but i have MBAM & SAS too (free version, on demand only).but i’ve never found any conflict between them & CIS ???
how do you so sure it’s CIS that made your MBAM,spysweeper, & SAS not functioning?

I also use CIS along with MBAM and SAS (on demand) and have no problems.

SpySweeper I bagged a month ago because the more recent releases were causing too many problems with other software.


I also observed problems between SpySweeper and CIS v. 3.8. The version 3.5 of CIS worked veery well with SpySweeper. So far when I want to scan my computer with SpySweeper, I deactivate Defence+ in CIS and then I reactivate it. Maybe you should look at this topic: