Alternative to BOClean

Since BOClean is about to pass away, as stand-alone, can anyone recommend an alternative to? Please, share your thoughts.

I’m currently using Avast Pro and Spybot S&D.

Malwarebytes is about as good as your going to get :■■■■

Just had 5 detections today on two separate machines with MBAM! I’m sure they’re FPs tested with virustotal no detection also tested with SAS.

Send the log files to the malwarebytes forum. They’ll let you know if its false postive or not.

Run a scan today all detections gone apart from one on my spare machine. The security on that is cis 3.8, boclean and avira this is a testing machine to see how good the security is! By look of things not that great.

So some thing got past the firewall with D+, Avira and BOClean? How is that so? That is some pretty hardcore protection there.

Yes, Please share.

What did you get?, and where can I (try to) get me some?


As I said this is a spare machine so I surf anywhere with it! I’m now reformatting but it was called something like nsiname.

Hi Benjamin X :slight_smile:

I missed your topic here untill now, sorry about that :-[

I see that you are using Avast! Pro, like me :slight_smile: Personaly I am thinking about replacing BOClean ( Only when I have to do that :-\ ) with MBAM in this security setup :

  • CIS Firewall with Defence+

  • Avast! Pro

  • MBAM Pro

  • SAS ( On Demand )

Greetz, Red.