Alternative to balloon notifications.

I know many aren’t happy with the amount of balloon notifications now that the AV database is updating every 30 minutes or so.

I personally don’t find the balloons too distracting except for the way they pile up when your monitor has been turned off by the power management module. However, if there was an alternative way to display the update procedure, I would use it instead of the balloons.

Maybe the shield icon could turn blue or something while the update is happening? That’s considerably less distracting than the balloons, yet people will know that the net activity they are seeing is just CIS keeping them up to date.

Any thoughts?

Disable balloon messages? ??? That’s what I did.

You’ve missed the point of my post. 88)

I’m talking about an alternative to the balloons.

I’d love to see such notifications as CAVS 2.0 Beta had (it’s simply a matter of style), and of course, an option to turn them off - and/or a little change in the tray icon as you suggest. Good idea. :-TU

And how did you do that? I note the “Disable Balloon Messages” from the System Tray right click menu only disables for the FW and D+ options, and NOT the CAV update balloons - two for each update!:frowning: If that option worked for ALL Comodo modules, then that would be fine, but it doesn’t. I don’t know how the full suite behaves if installed all at once, but I, like many, had CFW long before CAV. CAV integrated itself into the existing Comodo UI and System Tray, but did a lousy and incomplete job of it. :frowning:

Yes, “Disable Balloon Messages” does not get rid of the update messages. In order to get rid of the balloons, you need to actually disable the “Alert/Notification Messages” in Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning menu. Of course if you do this, you’ll miss any other potentially important messages the real time scanning engine may wish you to see.

But again, the point of this thread is the hope of Comodo adding a less obtrusive method of informing the user the update is happening/has happened than the balloons.

Okay - that’s what I thought. I note TweakUI for XP allows you to disable Balloon Tips - seems to work for these, though not sure if I am missing any thing important - I think no.

I have my balloon messages turned off system-wide through TweakUI.

Thanks L.A.R.