Alternative Parent Applications

explorer.exe has decided its going to be the “parent application” for most of the programs i have allowed assess to the net. Quite frankly i don’t like the idea explorer.exe is able to monitor and record all of my online activities and was wondering if there are alternative parent applications? I’ve herd conflicting reports on the need to allow acsess to svchost also, it is recommended as safe by comodo. What adverse effects can arise from denying it acsess.
Can mozilla and utorrent not operate alone without the need for a “parent”?

Thanks for reading


explorer.exe is the default Windows shell, or the GUI, if you will. It controls/starts about 90% of all programs. I would find it strange if the parent wasn’t explorer.exe in a lot of cases. Denying it as the parent will essentially deny the program you’re trying to load.

I’m afraid you’re confusing explorer.exe with Microsoft Internet Explorer, the browser. The latter’s executable is called iexplore.exe, not explorer.exe which is a core Windows app as Soya said. Also svchost.exe is core too.