Alternative option to auto-sandboxing.

I like having the sandbox running.
But when a safe programs(Known to you) are auto-sandbox(Unknown by comodo), and you miss the “Don’t isolate it again” message, then you have to dig though the settings and move it to trusted yourself.

Thats why I’ll like getting prompted(Without a timeout or selectable timer): Safe or sandbox.
Instead of only “Don’t isolate it again”.
But only as a option(in settings) so you can select yourself.

It a hassle to:

  1. Start a program.
  2. Find out that it doesn’t work right(Usually a unsigned driver).
  3. Find out that it’s sandboxed.
  4. Stop the program.
  5. Dig through comodos settings and move it to the trusted list.
  6. Then starting the program again.
    All because you miss the “Don’t isolate it again” message at some point.
    When a simple prompt(Sandbox or safe) would have saved you the trouble.

It can help lighten up comodo and make it easier to manage.

I like this as an alternative to the current approach. However, this should be an optional change.

By the way, please add a poll.

To me it seems a lot like my wish here: could you confirm if that’s the case?

More or less yes.

Vote here for this feature