ALT+... shortcuts not suported

i have always the same problem
i play a game (freelancer) in multiplayer
then the firewall ask if i like to connect or not
the game is blocked
i change for comodo window
the mouse is out of work !!
i can not klick the yes bouton, there is no mouse
if the mask support alt+… (any key) to say yes or no, then i could continue
(no shortcuts)

PC: win2000

The reason shortcuts are disabled is better security. Malware can also imitate shortcuts. Try it in training mode before you play your game the first time.

For games you should use one of the predefined rule sets . As soon as you see the first alarm for a ‘game.exe’ choose the ‘Treat this application as’ and set it to ‘Outgoing Only’ or ‘Trusted Application’. You can also choose to remember your choice.

If a game doesn’t make an alert before it switch to fullscreen or you’ve already got a wrong rule for that game then go to Firewall / Advanced / Network Security Policy / Application Rules and there set a proper rule set ( one of above mentioned ) for the ‘game.exe’.