Alphabetical Sorting fffffffffffffffffff

Why oh why does CIS not sort rules alphabetically in the firewall rules and D+ rules?
I mean, it’s already bad enough that we have to wade through an average of 5 separate windows to change a rule, and then close every single one of those windows again to confirm the rule change, so can’t we at least make finding the rule you want to edit a bit easier?

It just seems really weird that cpf 2.4 could do this, and yet 2 years later on it’s not possible. ???

Hi qwerty,

“ffffff” in the subject line doesn’t sounds nice and basically absolutely not necessary (my personal opinion)

At the same time, the question itself is very good & quite legit.

There were many discussions about that already in the past.

In addition both lists (Firewall & Defense+) require improvements.
There were several Wish List queries regarding Sorting and Searching features.
The Wish List for Firewall is huge and there are many (I mean a lot of!) excellent suggestions requested by users.

Let’s hope that some of them will be implemented in version 4
… and this one (sorting order/searching), which is absolutely necessary will be available

Well as I said previously, it would be much better if Comodo’s developers spend more time/resources revising the existing Wish List for Comodo’s Firewall,
than developing things like Registry Cleaner, Disk Encryption;… and many others
(don’t tell anybody please… but among unneeded development in my personal view is Antivirus as well… plus unfortunate dismissing of BOClean …Hush! :wink: )


Sorry if the “ffffffffff” offended you, it wasn’t meant in an offensive way, but rather to express my frustration at the lack of such a basic feature. :slight_smile: