Alot of the same intrustions

OK so recently stumbled upon while going over comodo i opened it up and saw i had 8 intrusion now i dunno what could have caused this but at around that time i think i was just listening to music on you tube and playing a game

this is what my problem is

other than the Ghost recon thing ( witch is a game )

i tried to do some research but was not getting any great help can anyone tell me what was blocked

( sorry but been using comodo for around year now and still not learned it to the fullest )

As a summary:

If such attempts are coming from the internet, your computer is scanned for vulnerabillities.
Its netbios. Port 137.

If its coming from a non-routeable ip address, it might be related to your home network.

Personally, i would keep such ports blocked. And have netbios disabled.
But if its necessary for something in your network, make sure that you create the rules as close as possible.

NEVER allow something from the internet like that! Avoid to allow anything specifical “ingoing”.

What in your network does have the address ?

If you are not sure what something IN your network is doing, proceed as if its from the internet. Better safe than sorry.
Example: Infected computer in your network is instrumentalized to spread infections.

it could be considering my sister just got back shes been using the laptop for ages now and that laptop was hardly ever used either way if it is her laptop trying to communicate with me il disable Netbios at WINS tab but will block the ports ( if i find out how ) :smiley:

if not then well happy blocking :smiley:

also quit funny i heard that work netbios quite a while ago but never knew what it ment until today :smiley: