Server: Pavilion w/XP SP3 - Qwest DSL
Viewer: Pavilion wireless laptop - Vista Ultimate

Router: Qwest 2Wire

I started with HAMACHI and TIGHTVNC which work nicely, but EVPN sounded like a nice simplification. Installed and configured both machines and everything worked fine. Pings, remote request, etc.

Powered both down and up – ping failed on both ends, a “remote” request was passed FROM each TO each machine – it was accepted, BUT, after a few seconds the session was canceled.

I don’t have time to research this right now!!!

I have a similar problem.
I have a laptop (Dell XPS M1530) and a desktop (Dell Dimension 1500, I think?, not there right now) at my parents’ house.
Installed EasyVPN on both and put them in a network.
I can chat and send remote requests, and accept them, but they always just timeout in the end and disconnect.
Pings are no longer coming back either.
Any other ideas?