almost 15000 files awaiting my review??!!

don’t know WHAT to do with these – unless I want to give the Comodo guys permanent job security, I can’t imagine sending them off for “analysis” – and I don’t know what having that many files there really MEANS – are these files “quarantined” and inaccessible? (hard to believe THAT!)

and I can’t go through these one by one, either

VERY confused what my next move should be – purge the files? OK them all? consequences of my options??

Purging will get rid of the ones that are no longer there at all. You can remove the rest. This doesn’t do anything to the files, just takes them off the list. Main thing is to move from cleanpc mode to safe mode for D+ so they will no longer appear. Unless you are looking for a specific problem, most users don’t choose to review them all, and they only appear if you are using cleanpc mode.

Very easily done. Simply purge and remove. Then put D+ in safe mode so you dont have to deal with pending files.