allways pop windows

我使用的是comodo防火墙 但是在我上网的时候 总是弹出窗口让我允许他上网

每改变一个父程序 他就提示一次 能不能再设置成子程序允许了 就可以让这个程序进行网络连接

i‘m a user of comodo firewall,when i connected the web ,comodo firewall always pop windows ,let me entitle it to connect the web . But i trust it , and add it in the trust list .

what setting 4 me ,then i’ll easy to use it ,and if the program run don’t ask me again

nonbody here


I fail to understand what you are saying, the first reason is that i don’t understand the language you are typing in and the English translation is hard to understand.

From what i can gather the Comodo Firewall is always popping up to let something connect to the internet, you have added it to the trusted list but it keeps asking you?

It would help to know what program it is asking about assuming my above assumption is correct.

i’m sorry .

your translation is right.
the language you understand is Chinese

i mean i don’t want the Comodo Firewall popping up my trust program.
what could i do.

What program is Comodo asking about? I am not sure if it is the cause, but it may be a specific program thing if this is not happening with all programs on your computer.