Allowing VPN Rule

I am trying to set up a VPN between my office and my home computer. I know I probably need to st up Comodo Firewall to allow the incoming connection. But I’m not sure where to start.
I have other similar topics on the forums but nothing too precise.
I am using Win 7 Pro/Ultimate on both ends and set up the VPN with the Windows native client.
What rules do I need for the incoming connection? Assume I know nothing.
Do I need to do something similar for the outgoing at Home?

Open CIS/Advanced settings/Firewall Tasks/Stealth Ports/Select ‘Alert incoming connections’. (That’s for version 6). After you will get the alerts from which you can allow the connection or block.

Ok. I can see where that would be easy. However, no one will be manning the office computer when the connection request comes in. Will Comodo “save” it for me to approve later?
And I am running 6.x

I see. I’m not sure to be honest if it can ‘save’ this request for later but by default CIS is set to block the incoming connections so this setting should do it. 88)