Allowing Visual Studio 2005 to compile

I’m tyring to develop a website using Visual Studio 2005 (having files ‘local’ while developing)
Each time I want to view my website Comodo Firewall(latest free version) adds temporary files created by Visual Studio into ‘My Pending Files’.
Example : G:\Temp\Temporary ASP.NET Files\testweb\4ab23f09\31b94347\App_LocalResources.root.tqok45yb.dll
Obviously I don’t want those TEMPfiles (nor any other tempfile) into my ‘rules’ .

How can I avoid Comodo Firewall adding those files (maybe in certain subdirectories??) into ‘My pending Files’ as that makes it very difficult to keep overview of what files actually DO need attention and maybe to be verified.

‘My Pending Files’ is now designed only to work with Clean PC mode and it has a purge button to remove temp filenames that were automatcally deleted.
If you switch to safe mode ‘My Pending Files’ list will not be filled.