allowing sub proccess

I have jus started trying out Microchip’s new IDE MPLABX.
When the compiler runs I get lots of warnigs from D+.
I have tried making the complier exes e.g make.exe trusted files, but I think because every new session generates a unique batch file, I get the warnings every time, is there any way to avod this?

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This FAQ should help: here.

Cheers Mouse

Sorry it took a while to get back to this.

I added the Working folders, the IDE and Compiler bin folders to the execution control settings of D+ (exclusions), that seems to have solved the problem :slight_smile:

THanks for the feedback

Curious. It should not have. Exclusions is supposed to exclude from buffer overflow checking. In fact it does a bit more than this, but I did not understand that it removed all forms of execution control…

Must check some time. Are you sure you made no other changes?

I had the same problem…

Comodo was always popping up, when I try to compile in the lastest MPLAB X (mplab8 has no problem). Even though, I’ve allowed the batch file (make-xxx.bat something) to run and checked the remember my answer. My guess is that MPLAB rewrites the make-xxx.bat (although using the same name) everytime.

I just added the working folder to the comodo D+ exclusions. It seems to work for me. I did nothing else.


still popped up after I restarted MPLAB X. will try adding the MPLAB X bin folder to exclusions.


seems to work now.

Thanks for telling me. I think this must be new functionality they are experimenting with. Hopfully same thing will work in 6.0 as installer updater does not exempt from BB in 6.0. So good find you two.

Update on this as there may be more going on?
I am now on 5.12.256249.2599.

I recently started using MPLabX on a laptop and realised that although compiles worked fine, I had not set up any exclusions.
Comodo install was set to ‘Firewall’, I decided to try a ‘Proactive’ setup. and immediately started getting Sandbox messages about the compiler batch file.
I then switched back to ‘Firewall’ and got the D+ warnings that the original post was about. Clicked to ignore on each of these. and don’t get any more messages now.
I looked at the D+ exclusion settings and now see this…
Seems that Comodo, has added the exclusions for me? I don’t know why there is an asterix after each filename?
Odd that D+ didn’t seem to be working at all previously, I don’t have any traffic animation on the icon either, although it is selected (might be a separate issue?)

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Update since re-starting the computer the Icon animation is now working, seems switching out of ‘Firewall’ and back in has kicked it off again.