Allowing quick limited access

Hi all,

New to Comodo here. I’d like to know if it’s possible to quickly grant limited definitive access to an application from Comodo when its authorisation window pops up. Already seen this - e.g. in Eset Smart Security: one can grant/forbid limited access from the very popup window.

By limited access I mean: allow/forbid only a protocol (TCP/UDP), a port, an IP or an IP range… Haven’t seen yet this option in Comodo - where is it hidden?


yeah you can, you just have to go though the comodo main window to do it. For firewall, go to firewall tab, go to network security process (under advanced on the left) and find the program click edit, select the custom bubble, delete the old rule and hit add. For D+ is it basically the same.

Yup, that’s what I feared. This is way too complicated, don’t you agree? Too much ado to do such a basic thing ^^

not really I would rather have it be there than someone accidentally messing with something right from a pop up.

D+ has the predefined rules called Limited and Isolated that should show up.