allowing nintendo wii access to web

yesterday i tried to connect my nintendo wii to the internet. at first i was unable to connect but when i shut down comodo it was fine.

Any suggestions on how to allow it access thru comodo please?

Hello, Lisa.

Have you check my signature link to the FW FAQ’s? It’s a fantastic place to bookmark. See if this helps:

Nintendo Wifi Tutorial,4429.0.html

thannk you (:HUG) will try it out later

Let us know how it goes.

so far i have just added the rules to comodo, havent had chance to connect the wii up again as yet but my networked pc couldnt connect so moved the rules to allow that above the rules for the wii.

Is that ok?

will post back about the wii connection when i get hold of it again… kids!!!

I don’t have a Nintendo Wifi, so bear with me :). If possible, it’s probably better if we can see a screenshot of your Network rules.

i dont have a nintendo wifi… i am connecting my wii with the wii adapter and cable thru my hub which i have networked pc going thru (did not mentin this (:NRD))

to allow the wii access i have to move the rules i created for it to the top before i switch on the wii (otherwise it wont connect)

when the UDP in is set to block i have to move the network rules i created for my networked pc to the top

Hi Lisa

The Network rules in CFP are hierarchical, that is, they work from the top down. If you place a BLOCK rule before and ALLOW rule it will take precedence. AS a first step, may I suggest you move your BLOCK rules below your ALLOW rules.

Toggie… in the tutorial it recommended to block the UPD in rule for the wii… it didnt mention moving it down :-\

when its where it is in the screen shot everything works ok