Allowing network computers to share files

I have a small (3) computer home network. I can’t seem to get the settings right to be able to see and access the computers on the network when the Comodo firewall is active . Ho do you do this?


Have you defined a Trusted Network in Comodo Firewall?
If not; open CFP, click “Security” and under “Wizards” it should say “Define a new Trusted Network”. Type your routers IP-range(for example, if CFP doesn’t detect it automatically and see if it works.


I’ve been having the same problem. I tried defining a new trusted network, but my secondary device still can’t find a media server. It’s having no problem sharing the internet connection, and I have already gone through Windows Media Player and configured sharing between the devices. I’m stumped. :-\

Is there anything in your CFP log (in CFP 2.4, click Activity → Logs)? And what is the LAN address of your media server? What you’re describing sounds like a mismatch somewhere. We just need to find out where.