Allowing lan connection through firewall[Resolved]

Just installed Comodo after having problems with several other firewalls.

I’ll explain the issue: my computer is connected directly to the internet by cable modem. I have my girlfriends computer linked to mine by a crossover cable going into another ethernet adapter. Thus creating a network (all be it a very small one as only 2 computers).

When I installed Comodo, my girlfriend could not get on the internet anymore.

The only way I’ve found to enable her to connect is to turn off the network monitor!

What I want to know is, is this ok to do this… have I done it the right way? Or could someone please tell me how I should do it… i.e. step by step coz setting up this sort of stuff with firewalls baffles me completely.

Thank you.

Do you have Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) setup on the PC’s?

Here is a link on how to setup ICS from Microsoft if you don’t already have it set up:

Read thru the steps and do exactly as it says. After you have setup the connections then you will have to probably add a Trusted Zone to the firewall for your network. We’ll worry about that next.

Please post back if you have trouble so we can help you if it’s needed.

hope this helps,


EDIT: This is for setting up ICS on XP.

Thanks for your reply.

I already set up the internet connection sharing and know that it works fine—I spent a week doing it.

Only had to change firewall (was using sungate personal firewall… I think) coz wouldn’t work with kad network on emule… but that’s another story.

So I know it all works fine (incidentally that other firewall slowed up my system so much! PC is considerably faster with Camodo).

Just want to know how to configure Comodo properly to allow my girlfriends computer to connect safely without opening myself up to the world. I’m currently doing it just by turning off the network monitor…which allows her to connect fine… just wanna know if it’s safe or if there’s a better way to do it.

thanks again.

I figured you had it working already but thought I would start at the beginning to be sure.

So you are able to connect to the internet but she can’t when the firewall is turned on.

Have you tried setting up a Trusted Zone using her IP address for the zone? Check your log to see if there is something being blocked that could possibly be the other PC.


In the network monitor I seem to have one red x which is blocked and logged. Also says IP/In Out, where IPPROTO is ANY. Think this might be blocking any IP. Not sure what it all means though.

Just looked through log: I do have my girlfriends IP address listed beside 2 medium severity warnings. They say: Inbound Policy violation access denied then list her IP address. It also says something about = nbname then a number.

Is this whats blocking her?

Could you take me through how to set up a trusted zone for her IP address please.

Thank you so much for your help.

Here are a couple of rules that should get your other PC working.

I am assuming that you are already able to connect with your pc thru the firewall and that you are using version 2.4 of the firewall.

Go to the Network Monitor section and right-click on the top rule and choose “Add rule before” for the first rule then once you are done writing the first rule and have it saved then do the same thing and choose “Add rule after” for the second rule that you write. Just be sure that both rules are at the top of the list.

[b]ALLOW- check the checkbox to log
Source Address: ANY
Destination Address: Use the ip address from your girlfriends PC here. Pick “IP Address” here
Source Port: ANY
Destination Port: ANY

ALLOW-check the checkbox to log
Source Address: Use the ip address from your girlfriends PC here. Pick “IP Address” here
Destination Address: ANY
Source Port: ANY
Destination Port: ANY

Try this and let me know if you can connect or not.


hello rabbitsfeat (:WAV)

i posted this for someone else on LAN connections

to set up ICS click on security at top of comodo window then click on tasks.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on Define A New Trusted Network

Select a zone from the list (the way the other pc connects to yours)

click next then finish

make sure the rule is above the block rule at the bottom of the list

also you will have to run the windows network set up wizard on both pc’s

start… settings… network connections… network set up wizard

when netowrk setup wizard is complete you will have to disable the windows firewall on the networked connections as it automatically enables it

to do this right click on local area connection (found same place as network setup wizard)
windows firewall… settings
check off and save

Thank you very much Lisa200, got it working now. Sorry jasper, tried your method but it didn’t work.

Thanks everyone though.

My girlfriends very happy now.

Glad you got it working rabbitsfeat. I am going to mark this thread as resolved and lock it.

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