Allowing Docker to map a drive

Hi everyone, I have been trying to map my drive from Windows into a docker container so that I can read files from within docker. It’s pretty easy to do on the docker side (see attached images). The problem is that comodo is blocking the connection, even though I made a rule to allow the traffic.

Docker tries to access 10.0.75.x, and as you can see in the firewall log, comodo blocks it. I added a firewall rule that allows all TCP traffic for the 10.0.75.x IP, with mask for any ports through, yet comodo still blocks it. I tried all kinds of variations on the rule but to no effect.

Is there something I’m missing that I need to do to allow the traffic?

Thanks in advance

So my guess is that you’re letting it in through one layer (Global Settings), but it is not making it past the second layer (Application Rules).

Check at the bottom of your Application Rules, where the “System” process is. There should be a few rules regarding your [Home #1] zone already.

Maybe add or remove some from there? I couldn’t reproduce a block using that method, though.

You need to edit the System application rule with a similar allow incoming rule that you have in the global rules.

Ok, thanks for the response. I’ll try that and get back if it doesn’t work.